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Shocking Marriage Ministries is Dedicated to Making Good Marriages Great...

and Great Marriages Shocking!

God created marriage and intends for it to be the most intimate and dynamic relationship that we can have with another person. Yet in our culture, many marriages take a back seat to careers, children or even hobbies. As a result, couples have settled for mediocrity. When a couple models all the joy and intimacy that God intended, our culture finds it shocking.

Even elite professional athletes have a coach. Many couples never consider seeking outside advice until it’s too late. Many counselors will tell you that by the time couples come to see them, at least one spouse has already determined to end the marriage. It doesn’t have to be that way.   Our in person or online coaching can help you to identify and correct issues before they become overwhelming.

Jerry is an oft-requested speaker at churches, conferences and workshops. Be it a keynote presentation, sermon or a day long experiential engagement, Jerry has worked with people around the world in fighting complacency, and gaining alignment in a variety of situations, most recently… marriage.

God’s beauty is inspiring. A retreat in the mountains is the perfect setting for you to relax and focus on your marriage. Improve communication, intimacy and appreciation in your relationship. Through a combination of group time and private couple time, you will learn valuable techniques that will help you to take your marriage to the next level.

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J. Crabtree

Jerry and Tara McColgin truly love the Lord, each other, and other people. They helped my wife and I identify some blind spots in our marriage that were holding us back. They showed us to start looking forward instead of backward: Where do we want to be? What does our ideal marriage look like? What can we do individually to get there? What Rules of Engagement have we agreed on in advance for when we have disagreements or conflict.

D. Sweeney

The idea of capturing the impact of Jerry & Tara McColgin with Shocking Marriage Ministries feels impossible. My wife and I have been blessed enough to have been counseled in so many different ways by this ministry and the people who run it. Whether through their books, courses, prayers, recommendations or advice... they've been there for us and with us. If you have an opportunity to engage with Shocking Marriage Ministries, don't think twice. We're already planning a marriage retreat with them later this year as we keep working to build our own shocking marriage!

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    Build a Solid Foundation for your Marriage

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