Shocking Marriage Ministries is dedicated to making good marriages great and great marriages - Shocking! God created marriage and intends for it to be the most intimate and dynamic relationship that we can have with another person. Yet in our culture, many marriages take a back seat to careers, children or even hobbies. As a result, couples have settled for mediocrity. When a couple models all the joy and intimacy that God intended, our culture finds it shocking.

Do any of these sound familiar?

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  • My husband and I live more like room mates than lovers
  • Our relationship used to be great, but it's gotten quite dull
  • I guess we've just kind of settled into our individual routines
  • Once we became empty nesters, I wasn't even sure who my spouse was


We help couples:

  • Become more intentional in their relationships
  • Create and focus on marital goals
  • Incorporate ongoing behaviors that build up rather than tear down a marriage
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Through our public and private workshops, seminars, books, blogs and couples coaching we are dedicated to helping you take your marriage to the next level.