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We live in an age where over 50% of US marriages fail.  Studies show that a much higher percentage are composed of couples merely staying together either for the sake of the kids, or out of shear complacency.  The sad truth is, a couple that has been married for years is expected to be miserable at best.  The goal of this blog is to highlight successful marriages and techniques that keep the joy and excitement in the relationship for the long term.  It’s sad but true, but a great marriage is a Shocking Marriage.  And that’s worth blogging about.

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  1. Doug McConnell says:

    That is so true and rare. I am very proud and pleased to say I am in the minority, in that I have one of the most incredible wives and have been blessed to share so much with Deb. She is a true partner. And through our entire 23 wonderful years have pledged that “divorce” would never be a word that would ever come into play. I can say we have always put each other first which is probably the key to the success of our happiness. I put her on a pedestal every day and I have never felt any less than respect, friendship, and love from my wife.

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