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Jerry is the Founder of Shocking Marriage. God has given Jerry a heart for marriage; it is something that he has focused on for years as a volunteer and an informal mentor. He has now become an ordained minister and serves on staff as marriage pastor at Thrive Christian Church in his home town of Westfield, IN. In addition to serving the congregation at his church, Jerry has written two books on marriage, one targeted at engaged couples, the other for married couples wanting to fight complacency and enhance intimacy.

Shocking Marriage offers a variety of workshops and online courses, all targeted at taking marriage to the next level. Jerry spent years as an executive in corporate life and as a successful management consultant. He is thrilled to utilize the skills that he developed in these realms into the world of Marriage Consulting.

Jerry McColgin married his wife Tara  in 1982 when they were 21 and 20 respectively.  In the years since they have endured many joys and hardships alike, including the death of one child, the painfully prolonged adoption of another, and one miscarriage.  They are currently the parents of four wonderful kids, a “spring crop” in their early thirties, and a “fall crop” now in college.  In spite of their marriage tenure, they share a commitment of continuous improvement, striving to never take each other for granted.  In a phrase, these two love being married to each other, and it shows.

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