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A Lesson in Humility

When you find yourselves facing a challenge that involves both you and your spouse, remember that your two minds together can come up with a solution better than what either one of you could do on your own. Continue reading

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Look past the words…

Look beyond the words spoken, to the heart of the person saying them. Continue reading

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Appreciate the Little Things

My wife and kids have been gone for a week.  It’s funny, I travel quite a bit for work and have for the bulk of my career.  When I’m away from home, I miss everybody, but I’m typically so busy … Continue reading

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How to know who to marry (written by kids)

This came across my email… A group of young kids were asked how to decide who to marry and here are the results which are pretty amusing. 1) You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if … Continue reading

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