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When Not to Focus on Your Spouse

I’ve written a number of blogs on the importance of focusing on your spouse, and giving them the love and attention that they deserve.  However, 30 years of marriage has taught me that there is an equally important time to … Continue reading

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The unhealthy games we play – Part 1 – sex

I’m convinced that the difference between a mediocre marriage and a shocking marriage are the games that we play with each other.  I’m not talking about recreational activities, but rather control-based games of power and manipulation. In the workshops we’ve … Continue reading

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Rules of Engagement

If you say you never argue with your spouse, I’ll say that you’re not talking enough!  Conflict is inevitable in an intimate relationship.  The biblical concept of “the two shall become one” is not an immediate transformation, but rather a … Continue reading

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Marriage Culture

We have one son that is coming up on his first anniversary, and another son due to be married in a week.  In both cases its been fun to listen to the situations that they anticipate that would be stressful. … Continue reading

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Is it always about right and wrong?

In most of our minds, we have this unrealistic expectation for conflict that goes something like this…  Once you hear and understand my point, you will quickly realize the error of your ways.  With this newfound understanding, you will fall … Continue reading

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