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Life as a Jigsaw Puzzle

I like jigsaw puzzles. But I have to admit, I am very dependent on seeing the image on the box. For every piece I pick up, I look to the box to see where it might fit. Once I know … Continue reading

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Cast a Vision for your Marriage

Most couples go through some form of planning prior to getting married. They probably discuss things like having children (and how many), careers, and likes and dislikes. Often times, these discussions are more about revealing personal preferences rather than planning … Continue reading

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There is now Here

I had an epiphany this morning. (I love the word epiphany – it is clearly a $5 word). I am an inherently impatient person. I’m the guy that when he plans a vacation would almost always prefer to fly – I … Continue reading

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Vision Drift in Marriage

I visited my son’s church yesterday and heard their senior minister give a message on Vision.  It was an inspiring sermon of the importance of not only setting a vision, but ensuring that you continually pour effort into it to … Continue reading

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